Saab 96 - 1972

Engine: 1498 V4

Colour: Torreador red

Chassis number:



        History:One owner before me. Purchased in 1982 with 45,000 miles on

        the clock. Restored in 1990 by Saab agent in Erkelenz, Germany. Now

        done 83000 miles and beginning to show its age but still great fun to

        drive, which my wife and I do regularly. Much admired wherever we go,

        usually starting with "I used to have one of those, best car I ever had" to

        which we reply "Well you should have kept it then!"We will never part

        with it.




Other Saab:

        None, just a Suburu Legacy and a BMW 528 Touring - sorry about the   


Previous owned Saab:

        Light blue 96 1970 model. Written off after it caught fire when fuel line leaked    

        petrol on to manifold. (always carry a fire extinguisher now!)

        Dark blue 95 1975 model (the "flying shed"). Bought in 1984 - see separate


        Brown 95 1974 model (the "flying sh*thouse"). Bought in 1985 and sold to

        my boss's wife who kept it for many years because of its idiosyncratic


        2 900s see photos - not my favourites!

        (Model, year)

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Anthony Whiteman

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