Saab 95V4 - 1975

Engine: 1498CC

Colour: Blue

Chassis number:


This one's a 1971 model, so is exempt from UK road tax (aka vehicle excise duty), and is in quite good condition - apart from the paintwork - for its age.  It's very smooth to drive and when I've sorted out the correct jets for its new Weber 34ICH it should go well; it's a bit flat at the moment with too small a main jet fitted.  It's had a bit of work done on the engine - the heads have been skimmed by 0.030" (0.76 mm) and new valves fitted, new electrics including 8.5mm Magnecor leads, new fuel pump, large capacity oil filter, Weber 34ICH with K&N filter and a new radiator (only 2 cores, though).  The alternator has been replaced with a c900 one - higher output - and I've recently fittd a new water pump.  Things to do (or think about) include an electric fan (to help when towing Saabo), tow-hitch and electrics, sports exhaust system, rear shock absorber conversion kit to adjustable telescopics, new suspension bushes all round, braided stainless brake hoses and stainless handbrake levers.  Of course, it also needs a complete respray but its current state makes it "interesting".  I already have most of the parts, plus a couple of spare engines and 3 spare gearboxes, as I was "collecting them" for the other 95.  That will now be stripped and I'm thinking of scrapping the shell, as its physical state is beyond my capabilities (and time) to refurbish; it's not in the UK tax-exempt age bracket, either, which only applies to vehicles built before the end of 1972.

I only have the space and time for one "older" Saab at the moment - I also have a 1978 99 Turbo (a 3-door in black) and the 1964 Saabo. One of these days - soon - I'll be able to get Saabo and the '71 V4 together on the road.


Other Saab:

my 2 x 95V4, my '78 99 Turbo (as above) plus my wife's '01 9-5 Aero wagon and my current company car: '07 9-3SS TiD (120) Airflow.

and Saabo 1964

See photos of Davids SaaboDavid_Lowe_extra_pictures.html

Previous owned Saab:

2 x 95V4 (both 1974 models), my '87 9000i, my wife's '93 9000 CSE, my wife's '96 9000 Aero (written off by me in May 07!), my wife's '98 9-5 2.3 SE, my wife's '01 9-5 2.0 SE Airflow, my '01 9-3 SE TiD.


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